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Did you know that up to 88% of customers decide which service to use, products to buy and businesses to work with, based on their online reviews? This means, the fewer reviews or more negative reviews you have, the less the likelihood that people will be interested in working with you or buy your products. Due to the values the reviews have on your business, it’s imperative that you have as many positive and genuine reviews as possible. With our automated system, you can easily request reviews from your customers. Signup today and improve your online reputation.

Getting reviews doesn’t have to be complicated or require you to hire more staff—you can quickly get them using an integrated online reputation management system. You need to have a system that will make it easy for your customers to leave feedback. The system shouldn’t disrupt the normal working of your business. The cool thing is that we have a system that does this.

How It Works!

Review Request Tool

Review Request Tool

To start the process, login to your dashboard from any device and simply enter your customer’s name, email and/or mobile number. That’s all you need to do and your work is finished at this point. We handle the rest for you automatically.


Your customer receives a message

Your customer receives an email, text message or both, asking them whether they would recommend your business to others or not.


Leave Reviews Tools

Positive responders leave reviews

Positive responders are instantly probed to leave a review. When the customer indicates that he/she would recommend you, our system directs him/her to your review sites like Facebook, Google, Yelp or any other site you might be interested in. To make it easy for the customer to leave feedback, our system takes the customer directly to the review box.

This eliminates the need for the customer to look you up, your review sites and find the right area to leave the review. With our platform the customers can see your review sites and leave feedback within a matter of seconds.



Here are the facts!


88% of the consumers trust online reviews from reliable review platforms as much as personal recommendations.


92% of customers are more likely to use a service or buy a product after reading a positive review from trusted review sites.


Google and other search engines use positive reviews from major review platforms as a ranking factor in local search.

Score My Reviews integrates with all online review sites including:

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  • Score My Reviews helped our business to get more reviews in Yelp and Google. I can say the best platform to receive reviews from clients. They also have great costumer service. They walked me through all the details to ensure that I could understand and navigate the system. We have been very pleased with the outcome and the positive effect that reviews have on our business.

    Mike O
  • We have only been working with Score My Reviews for couple of months now and we are impressed with the improvement we have made in gaining new reviews quickly, especially in one of our Google places that we didn’t have any review. Their interface is very simple and easy to work with. We look forward to continuing to work with them.

    Robert W
  • When we started using ScoreMyReviews software, we collected more reviews in one month compare to what we collected in our own on the past two previous years. It’s definitely the most effective way to collect positive reviews. Now we are marketing our 4.8 Google star rating to help us get more clients. ScoreMyReviews has helped us tremendously to increase our sales and gain new clients.

    Amanda L
  • We have been using ScoreMyReviews service for 3 months now. Everyone has been so helpful and their very quick response time is amazing. The most amazing part of the program is the simplicity behind sending the review request which my staff can easily do it and no training was required. Also there is no need to deal with all the hassle and headache of calling or emailing clients and asking them to review our business. Our customers also enjoy the ease of leaving a feedback for us.

    David T
  • Superb dashboard, easy way to get reviews from customers which is a huge time saver. The effortlessness and ease to clients is what makes this really effective. Great customer service. Highly recommended!

    David C
  • Great concept for improving online reviews. We have been seamlessly getting reviews from our customers. Very pleased with the process during initiation signup and dashboard setup. We strongly recommend them.

    Raeon P