Review Generation Software For Travel and Tour Agencies

Few travelers will trust a random travel agency on the internet to book their vacation. Do you know the first thing they do? They search for reviews and settle on an agent with the most positive feedback.

Whether you are a travel agent, cruise line, or tour agency, there is no way you are going to attract more new customers to your business if you don’t have an excellent online reputation.

Luckily, at Score My Reviews, we can help you with that. We have an easy-to-use tool that allows you to collect many positive reviews from your customers and showcase them on your website.

Automated Review Request

Do you have any travelers that recently used your service, and you would like to get their input? You only need to enter their name, phone, or email on your Score My Reviews dashboard, and our system will send an email, text or both asking them to leave feedback. Our system would also send follow-up emails if they don’t respond to the first review request invitation.
Review Generation Software For Travel Agencies

The customers give their feedback

When sending a message to your customers, our system asks them about their experience with your services and if they recommend you to others.

Customers who are more likely to recommend your services are directed to Google, Facebook, or any other review site and asked to write a review.

The customers who are less likely to recommend your services are directed to a private form where they give their reasons. The result is sent to you and only visible to you. This helps you to find out about the issues and improve them.


Travelers and vacation seekers are looking for positive reviews before they trust your business. At Score My Reviews, we help you to proudly display the collected reviews on your website. By simply copying and pasting a short code, you transfer the reviews from the online review sites to your site.


Our review monitoring system captures what people are saying on the various review sites and gives you in the dashboard and email notification whenever there is a mention of your brand. Score My Reviews keeps its ears out across Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor, and other online review sites.


We have an easy to use analytics page where you get the data and insight about your reviews from different review sites. The data helps you to better understand your customers and know where your business stands by tracking the progress of your online reputation, and review score.


Start Getting More Online Reviews!

We offer the best review generation software for hotels, travel, and tour agencies. Try it for free now!

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