How It Works!

Dashboard Setup

Sign up and set up your branded dashboard and profile. 100% customized, including your logo, email, and other information.

Review Dashboard Setup
Review Request Tools

Review Request

Login to your dashboard from any device and simply enter your customer’s name, email, and/or mobile number into the system. That’s all you need to do we’ll handle the rest.

Your customer receives a message

Your customer receives an email, text message or both, asking them whether they would recommend your business to others or not.

Get Positive reviews

Positive responders leave reviews

Positive responders are instantly probed to leave a review. When the customer indicates that he/she would recommend you, our system directs him/her to your review sites like Facebook, Google, Yelp or any other review sites of your choice. To make it easy for the customer to leave review, our system takes the customer directly to the review box.

This eliminates the need for the customer to look you up online, to find the review sites and find the right area to leave the review. With our platform the customers can see your review sites and leave feedback within a matter of seconds.

Negative responders are contained

Negative responders are instantly probed to a private feedback form. If the customers indicate dissatisfaction with your service or product and won’t recommend you, we direct them to a private feedback form (we don’t show them any of the review sites). In the private form, we ask them where the problem was and areas in your business that you should work on.

After the customer has filled the form, it’s emailed to you, and you can reach out to them and work on the issue if you want. Since the customer doesn’t leave the negative review on the public sites, you don’t have to worry about other people seeing the negative reviews.

Block Negative Reviews
review feed on your site

Showcase your best reviews

Magnify the positive reviews with testimonials and badges on your website by using our embed code to stream your best reviews across multiple platforms with link back to their source to prove their legitimacy. This will help customer assurance in your quality of service.

Extensive Reporting

Our application monitors, and accumulates reviews on the web and displays them in your dashboard all under one roof. With our comprehensive reporting and real time alerts and notifications you can easily monitor and manage your business reputation.

Review Report
Review Micro Page

Micro Page

You will receive your branded micro web page, which include your business profile and all your 4+ stars ratings, from Google, Yelp and Facebook. With our easy embed code you can make a link from your site to your branded web page which showcase all your good reviews in a centralized page.

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