How It Works!

Dashboard Setup

Sign up and set up your branded dashboard and profile. 100% customized, including your logo, email, and other information.
Review Dashboard Setup
Review Request Tools

Review Request

Log in to your dashboard from any device or our mobile app and simply enter your customer’s name, email, and/or cell number into the system. That’s all you need to do. We’ll handle the rest.

Your Customer Receives a Message

Your customer receives an email, text message, or both asking them about their experience with your business and will invite them to review your service or product.
Review Tools
Review Request Tools

You Customers Leave Reviews

We will direct your customers to the review sites like Google, or any other review sites of your choice. Our system takes them directly to the review box to make it easy for the customer to choose their stars and leave a review.

This eliminates the need for the customer to look you up online, to find the review sites, and find the right area to leave the review. With our platform, customers can see your review sites and leave feedback within a matter of seconds.

Showcase Your Best Reviews

Magnify the positive reviews with testimonials and review badge on your website by using our widgets to stream your best reviews from multiple review platforms with links back to their source to prove their legitimacy. This will help customer assurance in your quality of service or products.

review feed on your site
Review Report

Extensive Reporting

Our software monitors and accumulates reviews on the web and displays them in your dashboard, all under one roof. Our comprehensive reporting, real-time alerts, and notifications allow you to monitor and manage your business reputation easily.

Review Landing Page

You will receive your branded landing web page, which includes your business profile and all your good reviews from different review sites. Your branded micro page will be online, and when anybody searches for your business, they can see it on Google search results, which adds credibility and trust to your business.

Review Micro Page

Our Reviews

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