Gym Review Management Software

Review Management Software For Gyms and Fitness Centers

The online reputation of your gym has a high impact on the success of your business. In addition to helping you communicate with the current customers and understand how they feel about your services, online reviews have a significant effect on the number of new customers you attract.

Customers looking for a fitness center or gym want to be sure they are making the right choice. Studies show up to 85% of people trust online reviews as much as recommendations from a family member or friend.


Request feedback from customers

Add the name of the customers and their email address or phone number on the Score My Reviews dashboard. Our system sends customized emails and SMS text messages to your customers inviting them to comment on their recent experience with your gym. They are asked to rate how likely they are to refer your gym to their friends or family.

Customers give their feedback

Customers that express their interest to recommend your fitness center to others are asked to give their feedback on Yelp, Google, Facebook, or any other review site of your preference. Customers that would not recommend your business to others are asked to give their feedback in a private form that is sent to you.

Reviews are published on your site

Our system automatically publishes the reviews on your website. From the Score My Reviews dashboard, you can filter and choose the positive reviews to feed to your website. To showcase the reviews you are provided with, a simple line code/script, and all the testimonials are displayed on your website without any heavy lifting on your side.

Collect as many reviews as possible. Block scathing reviews!

Easily get reviews from your customers through customized emails and SMS text messages. To ensure you collect as many reviews as possible, we send automated reminders to your customers, reminding them to give their feedback.

Catch negative reviews before they destroy your business. The private negative review feedback sent to you helps you reach out to the unhappy customers before they bad-mouth your business. Early detection gives you enough time to resolve the negative experiences.

Gym review management software
Have your finger on the pulse of your reputation!

Never miss a review. Our system actively listens to what people are saying about your gym on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other review sites. When there is a mention of your brand, you get a notification on your Score My Reviews dashboard and by email.

Automated reporting!

Find out how your business is doing and the current customer trends. To understand your customers better and track your progress, our system provides a report containing all the data you need. You will see the total number of happy and unhappy customers, their reviews, and your total review score.




Get More Authentic Online Reviews!

Whether you are a gym owner or manager, you need online reputation management software to help you collect, manage, and promote authentic reviews from your fitness customers.


Some amazing companies we’ve had the pleasure to work with.

  • Score My Reviews helped our business to get more reviews in Yelp and Google. I can say the best platform to receive reviews from clients. They also have great costumer service. They walked me through all the details to ensure that I could understand and navigate the system. We have been very pleased with the outcome and the positive effect that reviews have on our business.
    Mike O
  • We have only been working with Score My Reviews for couple of months now and we are impressed with the improvement we have made in gaining new reviews quickly, especially in one of our Google places that we didn’t have any review. Their interface is very simple and easy to work with. We look forward to continuing to work with them.
    Robert W
  • When we started using ScoreMyReviews software, we collected more reviews in one month compare to what we collected in our own on the past two previous years. It’s definitely the most effective way to collect positive reviews. Now we are marketing our 4.8 Google star rating to help us get more clients. ScoreMyReviews has helped us tremendously to increase our sales and gain new clients.
    Amanda L
  • We have been using ScoreMyReviews service for 3 months now. Everyone has been so helpful and their very quick response time is amazing. The most amazing part of the program is the simplicity behind sending the review request which my staff can easily do it and no training was required. Also there is no need to deal with all the hassle and headache of calling or emailing clients and asking them to review our business. Our customers also enjoy the ease of leaving a feedback for us.
    David T
  • Superb dashboard, easy way to get reviews from customers which is a huge time saver. The effortlessness and ease to clients is what makes this really effective. Great customer service. Highly recommended!
    David C
  • Great concept for improving online reviews. We have been seamlessly getting reviews from our customers. Very pleased with the process during initiation signup and dashboard setup. We strongly recommend them.
    Raeon P