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There are many beauty salons and spas nowadays. For a startup or a big salon, standing out from the competition can be a huge task. The good news is that there are effective ways to fulfill that goal into a reality. One of those is positive customers’ reviews on different online review sites. But most hair salons and spas are unable to get the most out of it. Score My Reviews has been established to support businesses of all sizes via our high-end software to help you improve your online reputation.

How It Works!


We make it easy for you to gain more positive reviews. The only work you need to do is, to just insert your customer’s first name, email, and/or cellphone number in our software or upload an excel sheet of their information into our system. We will take care of the rest on your behalf. We will send emails, SMS texts, and follow-up emails to your customers, requesting them to write reviews, regarding the services they received at your hair salon or spa. Our messages to them are short to the point and personalized to ensure, they act upon it and leave a positive review for your business.


Your customers will receive an email and/or text inquiring about their experience with your service. If customers have a satisfying experience and their answer is positive, we will guide them to the review sites of your choice to write you a positive review. If they choose the bad experience option, we will ask them to let you know about their problem. We provide them a platform to express and share their dissatisfaction, which only you will receive and read, and can contact the client and act. With this system, you learn the shortcoming of your business and better customer relation.


Our online monitoring tool is specially developed to centralize all reviews from your business in one place in your dashboard. Our software tracks and syncs different reviews from top review sites like Google, Facebook, into our platform for effective review monitoring and management. This not only allows you to avoid the hassles of going to different review sites but also enables you to manage your online reputation in one place where you can see your ratings and the most recent reviews. Furthermore, you will receive a real-time email notification as soon as you receive a review.

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Improve Your Salon and Spa’s Online Reputation!

How to be reputed in the salon and spa industry? You probably think of quality solutions. While those can help you reach to the top, they’re not enough. Customer’s reviews from the most popular review sites can help your business to rise fast. Here, at Score My Reviews, we use cutting-edge technology to you collect, filter and promote consumer reviews. Our software will help your business to build an outstanding online reputation and increase your online visibility. This can also help you to boost your web traffic and increase potential new clients.


Get More Online Reviews!

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Every beauty salon and spa strives to provide services that exceed clients’ needs. Despite that, some customers may raise concerns about your services and leave negative online reviews for your business. It’s never late to start using our software to gain more positive reviews to combat any possible negative reviews.

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