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Online Review & Reputation Management Software For Law Firms

Positive reviews in high magnitude have become a major ingredient to have a successful law firm in today’s business environment. But getting positive reviews can be difficult, since your satisfied clients may become reluctant to provide reviews due to some lengthy process.

So, why not make the process easier for them by making it just a click away? We provide you an extremely flexible platform for your clients to make online reviews in no time so you can generate reviews and make your law firm stand out.

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Use our review invitation tool

Generate positive online reviews by using our review invitation tool. Just enter your customer’s name, email, and/or cell number into our dashboard. We will take it from there and send a customized email, SMS text, and follow-up reminders to your customers to make sure they leave reviews for your law firm.

Customers receive the invitation

Your customers get an email and/or SMS message, inquiring whether they would endorse your Law Firm to others or not. Positive responders are promptly guided to reviews sites of your choice to leave a positive review. Negative responders are immediately send to a private review form, which only you will receive and read.

Display your best reviews on your site

Our review management application aggregates your online reviews from different review sites, like Google, Yelp, and Facebook to your Score My Reviews Dashboard. You can use our review badges and review testimonials feed, to showcase your 4 and 5-star reviews right on your website.

The importance of online reviews!

Negative reviews can badly impact your online reputation. Our automatic process not only can block and contain negative reviews through the private funnel, but also scans online reviews and will alert you instantly, if any bad review has gone gone public. These two actions would make it easier for you to respond as quickly as possible to unsatisfied costumers and solve the problem or clear their misunderstanding and turn unhappy clients to satisfied clients.

Happy clients are a key to success for any law firm and we make sure you gain more positive reviews from your satisfied consumers!

review management for law firms


Manage your law firm online reputation.

Get more clients with authentic reviews.

Online reputation of any law firm matters the most since when it comes to deciding which lawyer to hire, your potential new clients go with the law firms with the most and best reviews.