Review generation for wedding planner

Review Management System For Party Rentals & Event Planners

People used to heavily rely on their friend’s referrals when searching for party rentals and event planners. But things have changed. With the internet, potential customers now depend on online reviews. A company with positive clients’ feedback has an advantage over the competition.

For startups and big companies, this can give party rentals and event planners an edge. However, managing and monitoring reviews can be a headache. This is where Score My Reviews comes to your rescue. While the process can be tricky, we make it hassle-free and easy via our advanced software.

GET Started

Review Invitation

All you need to do it to enter your customer’s name, email and/or mobile phone number into our system or upload a bulk list. We will send personalized email, SMS text and follow up emails to your customers on your behalf, asking for feedback about your service or rental products.

Customers Leave Reviews

Your customers receive a text, and/or email, questioning whether they would recommend you to others or not. Based on their answer, we will either send them to reviews sites of your choice to leave a public positive review or to a private review form, to leave a private negative review, which only you will receive and read.

Monitor Your Reviews

Our online review monitoring platform, aggregates and centralizes all reviews from different review sites including, Facebook, Yelp, Google, to your ScoreMyReviews dashboard. You can post all the 4 and 5-star reviews straight to your website on autopilot by using our embed review feeds and review badges.

Our Review Management Software Collects and Promotes Reviews that Enhance Your Credibility

Building brand awareness, reaching a broad market, and increasing your pool of customers can be tricky. Reviews will be of great help. At Score My Reviews, we take great pride in our cutting-edge software. We designed our review monitoring tools to respond to our customers’ needs, so this technology gathers, filters, and promotes reviews from a variety of review sites. This enhances your online reputation and delivers potential prospects to your doorstep. Our software can also boost website traffic, a high return on investment, and a pool of customers.

Get More Reviews

Score My Reviews Streamlines The Process

Easy For You!

Getting more reviews is a stressful task. Score My Reviews makes the process easy for party rentals and seasoned event planners. Our software solicits feedback from a customer right after an outstanding experience they had with you and asks them to leave reviews for you in review sites of your choice.

Easy For Your Customers!

Leaving a review on a review site can be complex. We take your clients directly to the review box, where your costumers can choose the stars and write the reviews. We guide them from start to finish, resulting in a stress-free experience. We help your loyal clients achieve maximum satisfaction even at the end of the process.


Get More Online Reviews!

Getting more reviews is not as easy that you may think.

Even seasoned party rentals and event planners experience a hard time to get reviews. It is not easy for your customers either to find your review profiles and leave you a review. Worry no more! Score My Reviews provide a state of the article platform to make it easy for you to request reviews and easy for your customers to write positive reviews in most reliable review sites in matter of seconds.


Some amazing companies we’ve had the pleasure to work with.

  • Score My Reviews helped our business to get more reviews in Yelp and Google. I can say the best platform to receive reviews from clients. They also have great costumer service. They walked me through all the details to ensure that I could understand and navigate the system. We have been very pleased with the outcome and the positive effect that reviews have on our business.
    Mike O
  • We have only been working with Score My Reviews for couple of months now and we are impressed with the improvement we have made in gaining new reviews quickly, especially in one of our Google places that we didn’t have any review. Their interface is very simple and easy to work with. We look forward to continuing to work with them.
    Robert W
  • When we started using ScoreMyReviews software, we collected more reviews in one month compare to what we collected in our own on the past two previous years. It’s definitely the most effective way to collect positive reviews. Now we are marketing our 4.8 Google star rating to help us get more clients. ScoreMyReviews has helped us tremendously to increase our sales and gain new clients.
    Amanda L
  • We have been using ScoreMyReviews service for 3 months now. Everyone has been so helpful and their very quick response time is amazing. The most amazing part of the program is the simplicity behind sending the review request which my staff can easily do it and no training was required. Also there is no need to deal with all the hassle and headache of calling or emailing clients and asking them to review our business. Our customers also enjoy the ease of leaving a feedback for us.
    David T
  • Superb dashboard, easy way to get reviews from customers which is a huge time saver. The effortlessness and ease to clients is what makes this really effective. Great customer service. Highly recommended!
    David C
  • Great concept for improving online reviews. We have been seamlessly getting reviews from our customers. Very pleased with the process during initiation signup and dashboard setup. We strongly recommend them.
    Raeon P