Anderson Longevity Clinic

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13500 Sutton Park Dr S Suite 504, Jacksonville, FL, 32224, United States (US)
(904) 874-5775
Russ Mullins
My initial consultation was very good. Dr Anderson demonstrated a good bedside approach, discussed all options for my treatment and was very attentive.
6 days ago
Mary Ann Russo
I found the Anderson Longevity Clinic to be very professional. The entire staff was pleasant, polite and professional. I look forward to maintaining my optimal health through the care of Dr. Anderson. I highly recommend Dr. Anderson!
3 weeks ago
Drew Cihlar
Dr. Anderson and his staff were great. Their office was beautiful too. And, unlike virtually every other doctor I've seen I was actually met by him at the set appointment time. I wasn't left waiting around in a room for any amount of time.

I was having wrist problems. Dr. Anderson didn't up sell me or make me feel pressured. He diagnosed my injury and treated it in the same visit. His suggestion was prolotherapy and another option, but said that prolo was less expensive so start there.

I followed the recovery instructions (60% load, no ice, no anti-inflammatory) and as they indicated, after 6-8 weeks my wrist was like new. So then I did the other w/ the same results.

If you're looking for an alternative to either surgery or "rest it for 3 months" go see Dr. Anderson.
3 months ago
Bianca Navarrete
After a total of 5 knee surgeries one would expect to have a lot of pain and just accept that your body cannot do what it once did... Anderson Longevity Clinic made me realize that was not the case. With Dr. Anderson's help I have gone from not being able to walk without pain (which my Orthopedic Surgeon said was how it was going to be) to being able to run/jog 3 miles with little to no pain. I would highly recommend Anderson Longevity Clinic! The clinic is clean and beautiful, and staff is amazing.
4 months ago
Anderson Longevity Clinic is at the forefront of a medical revolution. A revolution where wellness is the priority to prevent sickness instead of waiting until treating sickness is your only choice. The treatments and methods there are the best in the industry and always administered with care and consideration. If you are looking for healthcare beyond the traditional then this is the place!
4 months ago
Daniel Dilallo
This place is truly next level! A must try for yourself. I have been looking for a place like this in Jacksonville when 2 trusted friend recommended me here both health conscious individuals. I am a professional athlete and a trainer and if you are looking to better your body, mind and wellbeing make an appointment here and have DR Anderson take a look at you. I know he can help you in many way especially in injury prevention through strength restoration and healing existing injuries or ailments with non invasive natural methods. Great team he has there you will love them and what they can do for you.
5 months ago
Beau Duggan
Spa like environment. Extremely knowledgeable Dr. who truly cares about your well being. Results only come when you make the effort so don't waist time see what you can do for your well being now by booking your appointment with Dr Anderson.
5 months ago
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