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How To Respond To Online Reviews?

Reviews, whether positive or negative, should get company feedback in order to make customers feel satisfied. But how to respond to them is an issue for many. Here are some tips that will help you in this regard.

How To Respond To Positive Reviews?

Positive reviews, that you can also get from a positive review generator, are welcomed by every company and business. They are worth sharing and make a business more credible.

Like negative reviews, positive reviews should also be responded but the method is different. Here is how to respond to positive reviews, if they were not generated by an online review software.

  1. Thank the Customer

Not all companies approach positive reviews and say a thank-you to the customers who make time and leave reviews although they invest in a positive review generator. Such customers deserve the most respect because they have respected your company. You should respond to them with gratitude and thank them. Add words of appreciation for visiting your store and shopping with you.

  1. Keep it Short

Positive reviews are all about acknowledging the appreciation of the customers. As the customers are satisfied and have no issues, you should the response short. Use proper words that best explain your thoughts and make the customers believe their review has a great value for your company.

  1. Be Authentic and Personal

Nowadays companies use online reviews generators to respond to reviews. It seems more like a robot is working and writing behind. Such reviews can never contain human feelings. Give decency to your customer who left a positive review and spared you from using a positive review generator.

  1. Add a Touch of Marketing

You know that your response is public and will be available for anyone. It will be read by dozens of other and potential customers as well. Add something that is a kind of news and exciting for the customers. For example, you can say that “Thank you John for the great review! We’re so happy you loved the Chicken Tacos. We’ve heard our steak fajitas are worth a try too”.

How To Respond To Negative Reviews?

Negative reviews are equally important like positive reviews. Here are some useful tips to respond to negative reviews.

  1. Respond Quickly

Negative reviews need more attention than the positive ones. This is because someone just had a bad experience with your business or brand. You should be quick to respond to them before it is shared on other platforms and goes viral. Timely response will cool down the customer and they may feel good to hear back from the brand.

  1. Apologize to Customers

There is no shame in admitting your fault or bad experience on the part of your staff. The company leads should step ahead and apologize to the important customers for any sort of poor experience. Use their names and call them to make them believe you remember them.

  1. By Sympathetic

Make your disappointed customer feel you are not feeling good after their bad experience, whatever the reason was. Show sympathy and it will move the customer. Your clients don’t have any personal issues with the company so they can understand why all this happened. Few words of sympathy, regret and a resolve to solve the problem will come in handy to feel the customer satisfied.

  1. Offer Solution

All customers with bad or negative reviews should get equal treatment. Their issues are worth listening to and should be resolved. Let them know in sweet words that the issue is being resolved and it will be handled within a certain time period.

  1. Investigate the Issue

Make your customer feel the issue is being investigated on urgent basis to resolve it and serve them in the best manners. The business should find out what happened wrong and why the customer had a poor experience. Find the cause and resolve the issue within the time promised.

  1. Think of the Future

It has been noticed many brands and companies fail to solve the issues of their customers reported in negative reviews despite the customers were ensured a solution. This is extremely unpleasant. You should think of your future customers. A person with bad experience may share the experience anywhere, and anyone who reads that will make an opinion that a certain brand is not trustworthy and they should avoid it.

So, keep your customers happy and invest in a good online review management.

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