Are G2 Reviews Legit

Are G2 Reviews Legit?

Helping over 5 million people every month make intelligent software decisions based on authentic peer reviews, is the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace, so if you are wondering if G2 reviews are legit, yes, they are. You should trust the reviews published there.

What are G2 reviews?

These are reviews left by people that have actually used the various tools, technologies, and platforms.

The reviews are precious to other users looking for the tools and platforms as they help them make informed decisions for their business requirements.

Before leaving a review, you need to sign up with G2. This confirms that you aren’t an employee or competitor of the software you are reviewing.

Two ways you can sign up are using LinkedIn profiles and business emails.

Although this verification information is important, it’s not tied to your review, and you can always choose to post a review anonymously.

Many people leaving reviews on the site often complain they are being asked too many questions than they are comfortable with or have enough time for. You should know that it’s easy to reduce these questions.

An excellent way to go about it is to choose one or two categories, such as “webinar” or “virtual events.”

Even when you choose fewer categories, answer all the questions you are presented with for your review to be considered complete.

How long do G2 reviews take to be published?

Before a review can be published on G2, it must be verified.

Every review goes through a rigorous filtering process to remove any review that doesn’t sound legit.

Due to the filtering process, it takes two business days to publish a review.

To increase the chances of the review going through the process, add value to the review section. This calls for you to add details that other people might be interested in if looking for a tool to provide a solution.

Remember that the more informative the review, the more attention it attracts, and the more credible it appears.

You should always aim to balance what you are saying. Regardless of how passionate you are about the product you are reviewing, it’s not perfect.

It’s okay to include plenty of glowing recommendations and comments on the attractive features, but mention something that you would love the developer to improve.

This is because people are less likely to trust an overwhelmingly positive review, as it doesn’t present a balanced and realistic account of the product.

Besides being balanced, you should be realistic and show expertise in the product you are reviewing. Remember that people can easily tell when you haven’t used a product or don’t know what you are talking about—you can’t lie to them.

To show your expertise, mention your setup and how the other systems interact within your company. You can also mention the length of time you have been using the system, your level of interaction, and any other details that can help other people know more about the product.

Does G2 pay for reviews?

Yes, G2 does pay for reviews mainly to attract as many reviews as possible. G2 pays for the reviews using gift cards, and each review will net you a $10 gift card to Amazon or Starbucks.

By offering gift cards as a reward for leaving a review, the G2 crowd solves the polarization problem.

According to a Harvard Business Review study, reviews are biased as people often don’t review products and services they love—they leave feedback for those they hate.

And this is true. If you visit many online review sites, you will find that most of the reviews there are negative.

It’s common to get more money, such as $25 per review in specific niches.

If you don’t like gift cards, you can always sell them online for cash or exchange them for better ones.

To start getting paid to write reviews for G2 crowd, you should register on G2 crowd website and start receiving invitations.

When you receive the invitation, follow the link sent to you for an Amazon or Starbucks gift card, then select the software or app you are familiar with. Proceed to rate the software and answer a few questions about it.

As you are making your review, be honest, and you should have used the software. Remember what we said above? People can tell when you haven’t used the software, so take time to go over it and understand how it works.

You will even be better off providing a screenshot of you using the software, with identifiable information, where possible. This not only shows that you have used the software but also speeds up the verification process.

If you don’t show enough proof that you have used the software you are reviewing, the G2 crowd won’t approve of your review, and you won’t get any gift card.

What do you need to get paid for a G2 Review?

To start reviewing any software on G2, you need a Linkedln account or business email address, corresponding promotion links for Amazon and/or Starbucks, a screenshot verifying that you have used the software or app, and about 10 minutes of your time to complete the review questions.

To get the gift cards, you have to follow the promotion links. This means that if you go to the G2 crowd’s website and start reviewing the software programs without following the promotion links, you won’t qualify for the gift cards.

Why is G2 reviews important?

G2 reviews are highly beneficial to both buyers and sellers. If you are looking to buy a software program, you have plenty of options to choose from, which can significantly confuse you.

G2 reviews provide you with real-time, authentic peer advice that guides you on the best tools you can use to help you solve the problem you are having.

Since you don’t have plenty of time to go through hundreds if not thousands of demos, the authentic reviews left by verified users help them make an informed decision.

G2 makes an effort to highlight the highest rated features in each tool, which helps the users quickly determine the features that are the company’s strong suits, making the decision-making process extremely easy.

G2 reviews help sell your company and product story without doing much if you are a seller.

When other people talk about your products or company, you come out much better than if you spoke for yourself, so having many people talk about your products significantly improves your company’s and product trust.

From the reviews, you get to learn what matters the most to your customers, and it’s from this that you can fine-tune distinct features and make them more appealing to your customers, and your product becomes the best in your industry.

How do you get the most from G2?

For you to get the most from G2 and its reviews, you need to do several things that include:

Find out whether G2 is right for you.

There are many online review sites, some review almost any product or service, and others have a focus.

Before you start using G2, you need to know its purpose. G2 aims to be a trusted source to help business professionals make better technology decisions by scoring the various software products based on authentic reviews gathered from verified users and data aggregated from online sources.

If you aren’t sure whether you should list your product or company on G2, find out whether your peers and competitors are listed there. If they are there, you should be there too.

Understand how G2 works

The other thing you should do is understand how G2 works.

At the highest level, G2 sorts all the software programs and services into categories such as business intelligence, localization, and sales enablement.

There are indexes, ratings, grids, and other reports inside these categories.

You can view each grid, report, or index by market segment, so ensure that you choose the right market segment that reflects your company’s size.

You should then choose one or more categories that your products fall into based on the primary target market.

When it comes to scoring for the various products and services, G2 collects data from user reviews and online sources, then applies a proprietary algorithm to the data to calculate the market presence score and customer satisfaction.

The score is usually dependent on a variety of factors such as:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Quality of reviews received
  • Age of the reviews
  • Overall customer satisfaction and net promoter score
Find out what your customers want.

As mentioned above, one of the benefits of getting G2 reviews is letting the buyers know what their customers want, and you should strive to fully understand your customers’ needs so that you can serve them right and provide them with the solutions they need.

Thankfully, you can easily do this by reading the reviews left by your customers. Once in a while, take time to go through the reviews left on your profile and see what the customers have to say.

Of course, you should not only study the reviews but also respond to them. To be safe, respond to both positive and negative reviews.

Normalize asking for G2 reviews

As discovered by the Harvard study, most people will go online to review a product or service only when they don’t like it.

This means that the chances are high that even your most loyal customers won’t write a review about your product or company, regardless of how satisfied and happy they are.

Thankfully, studies show that up to 70% of customers will leave a review when prompted, and you should take advantage of this. And do you know the beauty of it? It’s easy to ask for a review.

One of the things you can do is to send them an email. If you have subscribers to your software, you have their email addresses, right? Write them a short email telling them how important it is for them to leave a review of your product and let the world know about their experience.

One of the best times to ask for a review is when the customers are happy with the product. For example, immediately, they have renewed their subscription.

Since they have already renewed their subscription, it’s evident that they like the product, so it’s best to catch them at this time and ask them to review your company and products.

Asking for the reviews isn’t enough if you complicate the process, as most people are busy and aren’t ready to jump through hoops. You need to make the process easy and straightforward.

A great way to go about it is to leave a direct link to your G2 profile in your emails or messages. This way, your customers won’t have to go through hundreds of profiles trying to find yours.

Rewards have also been highly effective at nudging customers to leave a review. You can borrow a leaf from G2 and give your customers gift cards or any other item for leaving a review.

Of course, you shouldn’t try to control the review by asking your customers to talk highly about your product or company as it’s a matter of time before people find out the truth—you should let them make an independent review.

Set yourself up for success with G2 reviews

If you are in software and related products, you should be in the G2 crowd. Collect positive reviews to get the most from the platform.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to do it. The good old way of simply asking for them is often enough, as all you need to do is ask. Write to your customers through email or any other method and ask them to leave you a review.

While asking is excellent and highly successful, it can be tedious and repetitive. Luckily, you can always automate the process using tools such as Score My Reviews. This way, you not only free up your time but also scale and ensure continuity of the review requests.

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