Get Reviews on the Knot

How to Get Reviews on the Knot

If you are in the wedding business, you must have heard about The Knot Reviews.

The Knot is the largest online resource for wedding news, information, trends, and inspiration and its purpose is to help its users plan the perfect wedding.

Founded by David Liu and Carley Roney, The Knot helps couples worldwide make the right decisions and navigate the wedding marketplace professionally.

Due to its role, the Knot makes the perfect place to make your wedding business shine and stand out to attract as many couples as possible.

Like any other business, getting many reviews is the best way to stand out from the competitors.

Benefits of getting reviews on the knot website

The Knot attracts over 13 million unique visitors every month, most of which are couples looking for service providers to help them plan and execute their dream wedding.

Whether you are a wedding photographer, rent wedding venues, a florist, or engage in any other wedding-related business, it’s paramount that you are on this platform, as this is where everyone comes looking for a reputable wedding vendor.

The vendors are rated based on the opinions and experiences of their customers, so the better rated you are, the higher your ranking; hence, the more visible you are to couples looking for the products or services you provide.

As you can guess, the more you are visible to people looking for your services, the more business you have.

Are you wondering how you can get many Knot reviews? There is no magic to it—you need to ask your clients once you have completed the job.

Of course, the couple you provided the product or service to just got married, so it would be inconsiderate to ask for a review as soon as you are done with the job, as the couple might not have the time to provide you with the much-needed review.

Instead, wait for at least two weeks after the wedding to ask for a review. Two weeks are enough to give the couple enough space to continue with their celebrations, but it isn’t too far away that they will have forgotten about their experience working with you.

As you are asking for the review, be professional about it. It’s wise you remind the couple of the service or product you provided, then ask them to let the world know about your business by leaving you a review.

It’s normal for a newlywed couple to be caught up in themselves and forget about the review request.

Besides requesting a review from your dashboard, shoot the couple a text to check in with them and let them know that you already sent over a request for a review and that you would be glad if they addressed it.

Of course, when you receive a review, respond to it. No one feels good when they take their time to leave a review, then there is no response.

Responding to a review shows your past clients that you have seen their review and appreciate it. It also shows your future clients that you are real and you are who you say you are.

When responding to a review, do it personally. Instead of just replying with a “Thank you!” drop a line or two that includes the details and highlights of the big day. Also, don’t forget to mention the customer by their name.

Each review you receive has a “Respond” option, and you can preview your response alongside your review. You can edit the response, comment, or delete the review.

When you receive a review, draft a response, ensuring that it doesn’t violate the community’s terms of use and content guidelines.

After going over the review and ensuring that it’s professional and grammatically correct, send it to together with the URL of the post, the name of the board, date, and name of the person who left the review.

The Policy team will go over the review and if it checks out, post it. You shouldn’t post the response yourself, as the Policy team will remove it.

Use your reviews to improve your product or service to continue getting positive reviews and rank as high as possible on the Knot website.

When you receive a new review, The Knot sends you an email bearing a snippet of the review and the star rating.

Keep your eyes out for these notifications and read them to understand your customer expectations and how you can better your business.

Add The Knot reviews on your website

To showcase the exemplary reviews you are receiving from your customers, and it’s wise that you add the reviews to your website. And the beauty of it is that it’s easy to do it.

All you need to do is log into your account and click on the “For Your Website” tab.

You will be taken to a page where you can copy and paste the HTML code for the “Couples Love Us” badge on your website.

By doing this, people visiting your website will only need to click on the badge and be taken to your review profile, where they can read all the reviews left by previous customers.

Does The Knot remove reviews?

Yes, sometimes The Knot may remove a review if it violates the site’s terms and conditions. These terms include:

  • Review creates harm, loss, emotional distress, mental or physical injury, disfigurement, disability, or death.
  • The content is fraudulent, obscene, vulgar, racially or ethnically offensive, abusive, unlawful, defamatory, invasive to personal privacy or publicity rights, or sexually harassing.
  • Content creates liability.
  • Review containing personal information that shouldn’t be made public or invades another person’s privacy
  • Review advertises the products or services of others or contains links to third-party websites, or solicits business for products or services.
  • The review contains computer hardware or software, worms, spyware, Trojan horses, or any other computer programming that might come in the way of the operation of the Knot’s systems, create, or impose a huge burden or load on the services or systems.
  • Content infringes on any third party’s intellectual property rights, including copyright, trademark, or patent right.

How to remove customer reviews on The Knot

Even the best people have off days, so offering your products or services to a couple who aren’t satisfied and leaving you a bad review is common.

It’s also common to have an unpleasant exchange with a couple, and they give you a negative review.

A constructive negative review is okay, but if it is false and puts your business in the wrong light, you should consider disputing the review and have it removed from the platform.

What qualifies a review for dispute?

For you to dispute a review, it should have several characteristics that include:

  • Containing vulgar, profane, racist, or adult content
  • Be of a non-wedding related event
  • Contain the last name, address, date of birth, or any other private information
  • They are written by someone that hasn’t conducted business with you.
  • Factually inaccurate

While these things qualify a review for a dispute, there are a number of facts that don’t, and you shouldn’t bother filing for a dispute if you have them. These include:

A review containing an incorrect wedding date: The reason for this is that a different wedding date doesn’t change the substance of the review. If you provided poor service, it doesn’t matter when you did it.

Review written over 12 months ago: If you just noticed a scathing false review that was written over a year ago, you can’t dispute it as chances are you don’t have supporting documents that might be required to prove that you are on the right.

Bearing a different opinion: You might have the impression that you provided excellent service or product, but if your client felt otherwise, you can’t dispute the review, as you can’t discuss opinions during a dispute.

A review that has already been reviewed by the policy team: When you raise a dispute, the Policy team goes over the review and determines whether it’s eligible for disputes. If the team has already analyzed the review and closed the case, you can’t raise another dispute.

How do you dispute and remove a false review?

Send a dispute if you have a review that you would like to dispute. To do this, log into your account, go to the review in question, and click “Dispute.”

You should attach the necessary documentation to enable the Policy team to investigate the review.

The documents you attach depend on the nature of the review. Some of the evidence you can attach include: emails between you and the client, a copy of the contract, text messages, or other relevant information.

As you are filing a dispute, remember that the Policy team has the sole discretion to investigate the review or fail to do it, often depending on the documentation you send. This means that you should attach all the evidence for your review to hold water.

After you have disputed the review, the Policy team will begin the investigations, and you will be notified about the progress of the investigation within two business days of submitting your dispute.

As much as you would want the scathing review to be removed, it always isn’t the case. Sometimes the Policy team asks the reviewer to edit the review.

How can you avoid bad The Knot reviews?

As a business owner, the last thing you want is negative reviews on your profile as they put off future customers. The cool thing is that it’s possible to avoid the reviews. How do you do it?

Provide excellent service or product: You need to provide an excellent service or product for your customers to be satisfied and give you a positive review. As a rule of thumb, deliver what you promise.

Talk to your customers about their experience: You might have the impression that you have done your best and your customers are happy and satisfied, but this isn’t the case.

To prevent your customers from going online to vent their dissatisfaction:

  1. Talk to them.
  2. Once you have delivered your service or product, talk to them about their experience.
  3. If they are unsatisfied, ask how you can fix it, move with haste, and fix the issue.

Be personable when resolving issues: If you have a problem that needs resolving, do it professionally. As a rule of thumb, respond to the problem immediately, even if the solution isn’t readily available.

As you communicate with your customers, personalize your responses by calling them by their name and never blaming the customer.

If the problem has a ready solution, present the solution in multiple ways, and once you are done, invite the customer to ask more questions.

You should go above and beyond to ensure that you solve all the issues and your customer is happy and satisfied.

Encourage honest reviews: Some people buy reviews, but this isn’t a good move. Besides being banned if found practicing it, you also don’t have a clear picture of your business, so you don’t work on improving it.

To be on the safe side, encourage honest reviews. It’s okay to incentivize your customers with prizes, coupons, and other items, but you shouldn’t pay them to leave you a review.

To make it easy for the customers to review your business, make the process fast and easy. When sending an email or text requesting a review, include a direct link to your profile. This way, the customer won’t have to fish for your profile, so they can leave a review.

You can manually ask for reviews, but to scale the process, use an automated review management software for wedding industries such as Score My Reviews that automatically asks for reviews from your customers after a purchase.

Remember to respond to every review you receive—including the negative ones. Some people ignore the negative ones but don’t do this, as it often works against you.

To show that your business is engaged and honest, professionally respond to every review and try to explain what might have gone wrong. Of course, promise to never repeat the same mistake in the future.

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